You have questions. We have answers.

Even though our patches are easy-to-use, you may still have questions. Here are the top ones we receive.


1. Are the patches nut-free?

Our product is peanut-free and tree nut-free and produced in a nut-free facility.

2. Are the patches vegan?

The ingredients in The Friendly Patch products are not of animal origin and are not made from animals or animal byproducts, however, we are not specifically certified as a vegan product.

3. Are the patches cruelty-free?

The Friendly Patch does not conduct or commission any animal testing on any of the products. Our raw ingredients are purchased as dietary supplements or food items which do not have any basis in animal testing or animal cruelty.

4. Are the patches natural?

Ingredients are all-natural and the adhesive is hypoallergenic, so the tape won’t hurt the skin. Some residual from the vitamins may leave a mark on your skin but will come off with soap and water.

5. Is there Latex in the patches?

There is no latex in The Friendly Patch products.

6. Is it gluten-free?

Yes, The Friendly Patch products are gluten-free.

7. Do I need a prescription to buy The Friendly Patches?

No, you do not need a prescription to buy The Friendly Patch products – Order today.

How to Wear Patches

8. Where do I put patches?

You can wear patches on your body where there is no hair for the most comfort.  Wrists or ankles/feet or arms/shoulders are common areas we recommend. Patches work best where there are a lot of veins.

9. Can I use the patch under my clothes?

Yes, you can put The Friendly Patch under your clothes on your skin.

10. Will the patch leave a mark on my skin?

Yes, it may leave a mark. The product is on the patch, and it goes through your skin into your bloodstream. Residual material might be left on your skin, but it can be washed off with soap and water.

11. Will the patch color come off on my clothes or other fabrics? 

It is possible that the ink may come off on your clothes, sheets, towels, or other fabrics. The ink on the patch is a water based ink that will come out of your fabrics easily when washed.

12. Can I wear multiple patches?

You can wear multiple patches. Patches can be applied daily and be worn together such as a Daily patch and a Snoozzze patch. Feel free to consult your physician with any questions.

13. Can I reuse patches?

There is an adhesive on the patch that will not be as sticky if worn again. Patches also only have a set amount of ingredients in them that once used it can’t be used again.

14. Can I get patches wet?

Our patches are water-resistant, so you can get them wet. If patches seem hard to get off, you can use rubbing alcohol or baby oil to remove patches.

When to Wear Patches

15. When should I use the patches?

We have different patches for sleep and night-time so those should be worn at night unless you are trying to sleep during the day. Most other patches can be used whenever you want, however, you probably do not want to use the Boost patch too close to bedtime. Patches should be worn for 8-12 hours for full effect.

16. Is there an expiration date for the patches?

Yes, our patches expire three years after the manufactured date printed on the plastic sheet of your patches.

17. What is the date on the back of the sheet of patches?

The date printed on the plastic sheet of your patches reflects the manufactured date, which means the date that your patches were produced. This is NOT an expiration date.

Who Can Wear Patches

18. Can my children wear patches?

Always consult a physician before putting them on your child. We do have sleep and vitamin patches for children.

19. Can I use Patches when I’m pregnant?

Women who are pregnant or think they might be pregnant must first consult with their healthcare provider before using a patch.

How to Subscribe

20. What does it mean to Subscribe & Save?

If you Subscribe & Save when purchasing your patches, you will receive a 15% discount for those patches and be auto-shipped patches each month at that price.

21. How do I access my subscription customer portal?

When you choose Subscribe & Save, you will receive an email with information about setting up your customer portal. Please make sure to set that up so that you can update your address, payment method, or cancel your subscription when you want. This can be accessed by clicking on the little person icon at the top right corner of our website.

22. How do I change the frequency of my auto-shipped patches?

Unfortunately, you are unable to change this yourself via the customer portal. However, you can reach out to The Friendly Patch Support team at any time and we would be happy to update the frequency for you. You can have patches shipped at the frequency of your choosing, including days, weeks, months, and years.

23. How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please log in to your customer portal and click the button on the bottom right labeled “Cancel my subscription”.

How to Contact and Shipping

24. How can I contact the Friendly Patch Company?

You can email us through the website to answer any questions. Just fill out our ‘Contact Us’ form!

25. How long does it take to ship?

We ship your patches as soon as we can. We ship 1-2 days from receiving the order based on the time the order was received. Shipping takes 3-5 business days depending on your location. All products are shipped from Ohio and delays are expected around holidays. We use USPS to ship products and we send it first class.


26. How are the nutrients/supplements absorbed through the skin? 

Nutrient or supplement patches are skin patches placed on the skin and are designed to release the active ingredients slowly and continuously into the bloodstream through the skin. The active ingredients in the patch are dissolved in a permeation enhancer solution and are delivered through the skin using diffusion and osmosis. This delivery method bypasses the digestive system, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream for faster and more efficient results.