Everybody loves The Friendly Patch.

We love our patches and our customers love them too! Here is what they have to say.

Boost Patch | Love it!

So glad I found this. I use it later in the day before exercise or if I'm getting tired after lunch and craving caffeine (but can't drink it because it will keep me up at night). The patch is awesome because it works well during day and I can still sleep at night after I take it off.

— Rachel | Austin, TX

Boost Patch | It really works!

I LOVE this patch! I'm not a coffee, tea, energy drink, or really any kind of caffeine drinker. It was such a breath of fresh air to feel energized again without having to take a pill or drink something I don't like. The Boost patch is amazing, small, and easy to wear. 100% recommend!

— Megan | Cleveland, OH

Boost Patch | Surprisingly Effective

I was surprised by how effective this was. First time patch user, and I love them. I felt energized and focused with no jitters. I wanted something to use before my workout without all the sugar in all these drinks out there. Glad I found this patch; I will be using this daily.

— Joey | Denver, CO

Boost Patch | Good Alternative to Coffee!

I’ve tried these patches for a month now and start my morning with them on my arm. It puts a bump in my step, and I would recommend this unique, healthy alternative to 3 cups of coffee. I still drink coffee but not as much sorry, Starbucks.

— Katie | Honolulu, HI

Snoozzze Patch | No more morning grogginess!

I put on the patch on my ankle after dinner and felt it work in 20 minutes. I usually take melatonin in a pill form, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I like the fact that I didn’t feel groggy in the morning with the patch. Excellent idea and worth trying.

— Jamie | Leander, TX

Snoozzze Patch | Worth Every Penny!

This patch works! I haven’t been sleeping well for years and was very skeptical, and have tried so many things. I travel a lot, and this is way easier than taking bottles of pills with me. I actually took it on the plane for an overseas flight, it totally worked! Worth every penny!!

— Alan | Chicago, IL

Zen Patch | Relaxing at work

I am a CDL driver, so I can’t take a lot of things to help calm my mind and body. My wife got me the Friendly Patch to help calm me. I drive a lot, so this helps me relax and do my job driving an 18 wheeler. I’m going to try the energy/boost for driving at night.

— Fred | Seattle, WA

Zen Patch | Saving my marriage!

I bought the Zen patch for my wife; she is a ball of stress. After a week of using it, she is much more fun to be around; I think this might save my marriage!!!

— Alex | Davidson, NC

Last Call Patch | Love the name!

I love the last call name, and it works. I am a bar fly and always feel hungover. I slap this bad boy on when I wake up and wear it all day. It really helps me feel better and takes away the headache. It’s better than a bloody mary...well maybe just as good!

— Jenny | Laguna Beach, CA

Last Call Patch | This is the Bomb!

Word, this is the bomb! I take every morning before class, lots of drinking at UC Boulder - GO buffs!

— Chad | Boulder, CO

Sweet Dreams Patch | Puberty and Sleeping Issues

My daughter is just hitting puberty and is experiencing sleeping issues. She hates taking medicine orally, so this is a great alternative. She asks for the patch, which is a great thing.

— Steve | Denver, CO

Sweet Dreams Patch | Sleeping through the night

My son has my sleeping habits. He wakes up and can’t get back to bed and then comes and wakes me up. Now we both take these patches and sleep through the night on most nights.

— Nancy | Bellevue, WA

Shield Patch | Great for Travel

I travel a lot. Super paranoid traveling these days because of COVID. I wear this shield patch daily. No clue if it does anything, but I don’t care. The ingredients are some of the pills I used to take.

— Julian | Lampasas, TX

Shield Patch | Excellent Vitamin Source!

I’m a teacher. I am vaccinated and just want to use something natural to keep my balance with alternative vitamin sources. This seems to be an excellent product. I have left it on for days, and it doesn’t come off in the shower, which is a wonderful thing.

— Sara | Columbus, OH

Daily for Kids Patch | Superpower Patch!

My kids won’t take vitamins unless they are gummies filled with sugar. They wear the patch, and my son thinks it gives him superpowers. Great idea!

— Joan | Union City, NJ

Daily for Kids Patch | Easier than pills!

My daughter chokes on pills and can’t swallow them down. I stick this patch on her arm, and she says, look, mom now I don’t have to eat my vegetables, right.

— Barb | Ocean City, MD

Daily for Men Patch | Recommended by my Doctor

I patch up daily. I never really took vitamins. I’m getting older, and my doc said I should use these vitamin patches

— Ed | Lakeland, FL

Daily for Men Patch | Stick and Go!

I stick a vitamin patch on before I go to work and sometimes as I'm running out the door. So easy.

— Dave | Miami, FL

Daily for Women Patch | Recommended by Acupuncturist

I wear the vitamin patch on my feet at bedtime. My acupuncturist said these would be good for me

— Betty | Washington, DC

Daily for Women Patch | No upset stomach

I never take vitamins, but I like the patch vitamins because it doesn’t upset my stomach. I have IBS, so vitamins don’t work for my stomach. I’m glad someone thought of this concept.

— Ruth| Greenville, MI