We make patches that make you feel better.

At the Friendly Patch Co., it’s important that our patches make you feel your best. Patches are a great alternative to oral supplements (won’t burden your liver or kidneys). Our easy-to-use, topical skin patches include:

1. A Contact Layer

Sticks to your skin with all-natural and allergen-free adhesives.

2. A Formula Layer

Designed to release nutrients directly through the skin throughout the day.

3. A Backing Layer

A soft, but sturdy backing layer protects the patch from daily activites.

  • Wellness down to a science.

    Produced by experts with over 15 years of experience perfecting the effective and safe release of supplements into your bloodstream, our patches are designed to support your best life.

Improve Your Health And Elevate Your Mood.

When you have the support of a good pal (like the Friendly Patch!), you’re likely to be less stressed, more rested and better prepared to take on the day. How does it work? It's simple!

  • Peel & Apply Patch

    Find a location on your skin with little to no hair and stick it on.

  • Go About Your Day

    The patch’s contents will be safely absorbed into your body.

  • Remove Patch

    After several hours, unpeel the patch from your skin and discard.

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