From the Beach to the Bar: How to Ease Your Summer Party Hangover

From the Beach to the Bar: How to Ease Your Summer Party Hangover

There’s no shame in wanting to let loose with a refreshing, poolside cocktail as summer begins.

Barbecuing with friends and family on a hot summer day while roasting marshmallows around the fire at night is the perfect time to kick back a few refreshing adult beverages. But before you have a little too much fun, it’s essential to be prepared not to feel like fireworks are going off in your head the following day.

Here are some friendly tips to ease those summer party hangovers:

1. Drink plenty of water.

You’ve heard this easy tip time and again, but it’s even more important to consider during the hot summer months. The scorching heat alone is enough to dehydrate anyone, so if you plan to day-drink in the sunshine, make sure to chug some refreshing water in between all the fun!

2. Fill up on enough food.

Not to be the nagging friend here, but to help avoid over intoxication—and the resulting hangover with party patch hangover —it’s a basic rule of thumb to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. The great part about summer cookouts is the array of substantial and satisfying foods.

Even if you’re not chowing down on a burger or hot dog, appetizers and finger foods can keep you feeling full. But don’t overdo it—drinking on an overly full stomach won’t make you feel great the next day, either!

3. Stick on a Last Call Friendly Patch.

Our trusted hangover patch, Last Call, will have your back if your plans to hydrate and eat well go awry—or simply if they aren’t enough to stave off next-day effects. Our natural best hangover patch cure comes in a latex-free patch that you can stick anywhere on your body—before a big day of drinking and the next day if you realize that drinking so many red, white, and sugary blue drinks wasn’t the best idea.

Last Call is packed with ingredients such as milk thistle extract, green tea extract, B-complex vitamins, and more—which aid in protecting your liver, restoring essential vitamins, and fighting off the icky and achy feelings that a hangover brings.

If you could easily prevent waking up with your head feeling like a bowling ball, wouldn’t you jump on that opportunity immediately?

Last Call is a quick hangover cure that will have you spending less time “sleeping it off” and more time enjoying the next day! So make having fun with friends and family your priority this summer. Stick on a Last Call Friendly Patch by The Friendly Patch—it’s the best kind of drinking buddy you can have!

Shop our entire line of all-natural patches to soothe all of your ailments today.

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