Getting Your Vitamins: Why a Patch Delivers Better Than A Pill

Getting Your Vitamins: Why a Patch Delivers Better Than A Pill

These days, consumers are seeking a quick fix for every issue. Can you remember the last time you learned to do something without doing a quick Google or YouTube search?

The same applies to health and wellness. For every malady we experience, we want an immediate remedy. But not only do we want quick solutions, we want healthy solutions, too.

It seems that every year brings a new health trend, but how many have actually worked? Even those dietary supplements, new exercises, and fad superfoods that may offer results often break the bank, require a lot of work, or both!

No one wants to feel more stressed while trying to live a healthier life. (That defeats the point, right?)

That’s why we’ve created something that sticks, figuratively and literally.

At The Friendly Patch Co., we’re proud to share that we’ve created a line of all-natural topical patches that deliver vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly to your bloodstream—so you can live your best life without even thinking about it!

The best part?

You’ll no longer have to swallow pills to resolve your health concerns. And that brings us to the topic at hand—what makes a patch better than a pill?

6 Reasons That a Patch is Better Than a Pill

1. Patches are transdermal.

When patches are placed on your skin, the ingredients are safely absorbed directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the liver and kidneys. This allows for quicker delivery into your body and also decreases the risk of blood clots.

Pills, on the other hand, must pass through your stomach to be digested, then move into the small intestine before being absorbed into your bloodstream. That’s a lot of steps and a lot of waiting!

2. The effects of patches last longer.

Our patches are scientifically designed to last up to eight hours, whereas pills typically last only four to six hours. The extended release of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your body gives you the comfort of knowing that we’ve got your back—all day or all night long!

Learn more about how our patches work.

3. Patches are easy to use.

To use our patches, all you have to do is stick one on your skin—and you’re done! Personally, we much prefer that to swallowing a bunch of pills each day.

We recommend areas with little to no hair, like inside your wrists, underarms, or ankles—any spot close to the veins. Leave it on for up to eight hours, then discard.

Our patches are discreet, too. No one will suspect that you’re getting a vitamin boost. (Unless, of course, you’re shouting from the rooftops that you love your Friendly Patch!)

4. Patches are made for everyone.

Our patches do not discriminate. Anyone can easily stick on a Friendly Patch, but not everyone can easily swallow pills. (If that’s you, no judgement! You’re not alone.)

We have patches formulated for men, women, and kids. Some of our patch ingredients may have long and hard-to-pronounce names, but we are transparent about each and every ingredient—and why each is included for what benefit(s).

5. Patches target specific maladies.

It can be difficult to resolve specific issues with traditional oral wellness supplements and daily vitamins because the most affordable and most readily available contain many ingredients—while being marketed simply as being “good for you.”

Some can be beneficial, but if you’re looking to improve a more specific health concern, it can be hard to pinpoint how a generic pill will do that. And who wants to be stuck purchasing several bottles of different products to create the perfect cocktail to fix a problem? That’s simply too many pills to swallow, figuratively and literally.

With our entire line of patches, you can choose a custom formula of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients specific to the problem you’re trying to alleviate. And we’re transparent about what ingredients are included in each and why.

For example, if you’re feeling hungover from a night out, we have a patch that will specifically address the aches, nausea, and malaise that come with that. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, our Better Sleep patch will provide the necessary vitamins to help you catch some much-needed z’s.

6. Patches are more sustainable.

Friendly Patches are sustainably made with all-natural and allergen-free ingredients, formulated by experts with more than 15 years’ experience perfecting the effective and safe release of supplements into the bloodstream. Produced in the United States with a Good Manufacturing Practices Certification, every patch is produced in our FDA-registered facility.

Our packaging is sustainable, too, and takes up much less room in your home, bag, desk, etc.

The next time you need to quickly remedy a health concern, try sticking on a Friendly Patch. The ease of use, safety, and sustainability of a Friendly Patch is enough to convert even the most dedicated pill swallowers to loyal patch stickers!

Convinced it’s time to make the switch from pill to patch?

Search our website for your health concern and start shopping our line of Friendly Patches today!

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