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Boost energy Patch - Travel 8 Pack

Boost energy Patch - Travel 8 Pack

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The Friendly Patch – Boost Energy Patches 8 Day Supply

The Friendly Patch – Boost Energy Patch

Elevate your energy levels with The Friendly Patch's Energy Patches, a powerhouse of essential nutrients. These Plant-Powered patches are made in the USA without carriers, no fillers, no artificial flavors, no GMO’s. Packed with B blend, caffeine, and green tea extract, this innovative patch provides a convenient and sustained energy boost throughout the day. Plant-based power with no calories, sugar-free wellness patches.

The Friendly Patch products are WERCSmart Certified to ensure formulation ingredients and consumer safety compliance. This 3rd party program represents a safety commitment to our customers and our environment. Each Travel Package contains an 8-day supply of patches, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Say goodbye to traditional energy supplements and hello to Energy Patches, a seamless, wearable solution that keeps you at your best. The Friendly Patch Boost Energy Patches - Fueling your day, one patch at a time.

Experience heightened focus on your tasks without sacrificing your caffeine fix; you'll simply be wearing the energy patches it instead! Our carefully crafted power patches blend of ingredients ensures a steady release of Wellness, allowing you to stay alert and energized without the jitters or crashes. Energy Patches last up to 8-12 hours and can be taken on or off easily to fit your daily routine.

Key Ingredients for Boost energy Patch - Travel 8 Pack

  • Caffeine (20mg) 
  • Guarana Extract 22% (4mg) 
  • Green Tea Extract (3mg) 
  • Boost Blend(5mg) 
  • Black Pepper (.3 mg) 
  • Agmatine Sulfate (2mg) 
  • Orange Citrus Fragrance Oil (1mg)  
  • Adhesive

Benefits of Boost energy Patch - Travel 8 Pack

Energy patches have become increasingly popular as a natural and convenient way to increase energy levels and improve mental focus. These patches typically contain a combination of caffeine, guarana, and green tea extract, known for their energy-boosting properties.

Provides Natural & Consistent Effectiveness

One of the main uses of an energy patch is to provide an alternative to traditional energy drinks and supplements. Energy drinks and supplements can often contain high levels of sugar and artificial ingredients, which can negatively affect health. On the other hand, good energy patches are generally made with natural ingredients and applied directly to the skin, allowing for a more consistent and sustained wellness release. This delivery method also eliminates the need for pills and capsules, making it a convenient option for individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills.

Stay Focused

Another use case of energy patches is for individuals who need to stay focused and alert for prolonged periods. This could include students studying for exams, shift workers, or anyone who needs to maintain a high level of productivity throughout the day. The caffeine and other energy-boosting ingredients are good patch in the morning.

Boost Energy

Energy patches can also be useful for athletes and individuals who engage in regular physical activity. The patch's caffeine and other energy-boosting ingredients can help stamina, allowing individuals to push harder during workouts and improve overall fitness.

Jitters Free Energy Support

Energy patches can also be a great option for individuals who want to reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources such as coffee and energy drinks. The patches naturally without the jitters and crashes associated with caffeine and other products.

Note: Not all energy patches are created equal, The Friendly Patch is WERCSmart Certified.

In conclusion, energy patches are a natural and convenient way to get energy and focus, and performance. They provide a great alternative to traditional energy sources and can be useful for students, shift workers, athletes, and anyone who needs a boost throughout the day.

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