Our Foods Are Decreasing In Nutritional Value—Here's How To Get All Of Your Recommended Daily Vitamins Without Missing A Beat

Our Foods Are Decreasing In Nutritional Value—Here's How To Get All Of Your Recommended Daily Vitamins Without Missing A Beat

Gone are the days when we could get all our nutrients solely from natural, whole foods. 

In the last 50 years, the nutrient content in natural foods has declined due to rising carbon dioxide levels, but as humans, we still need the same amount of vitamins and minerals that we needed 50 years ago. So how do we keep thriving when our food doesn't quite measure up? 

The answer doesn't have to mean filling your cabinets with a million different multivitamins—the one you take at dinner, the one you take in the morning, the one you can take only with food. There's an easier way to make sure you're getting your recommended daily vitamins, and you can do it while you're on the go or sleeping—without added stress, cluttered shelves, and the powdery taste of pills.

Streamlined Nutrition: The Daily Patch Simplifies Your Day

The solution? The Daily Patch from The Friendly Patch. Customized for your health, it fits into your lifestyle. With a Daily wearable wellness patch for women, men, and kids, you get the vitamins that you need so you can thrive throughout your day. All you have to do is peel and apply the nutrient-dense patch in the morning and feel it release a steady, consistent flow of the micronutrients into your body throughout your day, promoting heart and bone health—and much more. 

 No need to throw your vitamins into your purse or workout bag as you hustle out of the door in the morning, hoping you will get a break at some point to take them. There's no need to pack a bigger suitcase when you travel so you can fit all of your vitamin bottles in it. The Daily patch is a space-efficient, no-hassle way to nourish your body. There's no limit to when and where you can put the patch on and go. 

The Daily Patch's Micronutrient Power

With a variety of B, D, and K vitamins and other micronutrients, you don't have to constantly think about each meal, planning meticulously to ensure you get all the nutrients you need. The Daily patch is your go-to solution to thriving, packed with critical trace minerals that detox your body from damaging environmental toxins. 

Daily Patch All-Around Support Seamless Wellness Anywhere

The Daily patch has your back in every aspect of your life and gives you access to a host of essential vitamins wherever and whenever you are. Each natural vitamin and mineral used in the patch support the optimal health of every part of your body—organs, bones, and skin. It's the perfect addition to your daily routine and those weekends when you're traveling and eating at many restaurants. It keeps you nourished, so you don't have to worry. It's the multivitamin that fits you—not the other way around. The Daily patch was designed to support you and your loved ones; it's a customized solution that always gives back.

Sink into your new daily ritual, and try the Daily Patch now! 

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