26 Totally-Doable New Year's Resolutions To Ring In A Healthy 2023

26 Totally-Doable New Year's Resolutions To Ring In A Healthy 2023

The new year invites us to reconsider patterns and habits that no longer support us and our lives. 

 Sometimes we know there could be a better way of living, but it never seems like the right time to start down that path. January is a ripe time to slowly begin to chip away at the habits that are no longer working for us and ring in better ways of living. These totally-doable new year's resolutions are ways to get you thinking about yourself as we start the new year. 

 These resolutions aren't big, looming goals. It's a list you can try once, many times, or all year. Let this list be a place where you can gather ideas, find solace. It's not a list that will make you put a year-long plan in place. Our challenge for you is only this: start.

1. Cultivate a morning ritual

Rituals are proven to alleviate grief and anxiety when performed at the right time. If you ever wake up feeling the looming shadow of anxiety, step into a new morning ritual to give your day a solid foundation: wake up, apply the Daily patch, meditate, journal, exercise, and go. The Daily, Zen, and Boost patches are great additions to a calming, focused morning ritual that propels you into your day.

2. Exercise throughout the day

You don't have to be lifting heavy weights for 2+ hours every day for it to be considered "exercise." Add more movement into your day—go on walks, do ten squats every time you get up from your desk, use the stairs. Exercise doesn't have to be intense to be beneficial. Small shifts in our day can improve our health. Put the Boost patch on to get you energized for a workout.

3. Ditch the multivitamin

It's time for your multivitamin to evolve with you. 2023 is the year of no more cluttered shelves. It's the year of your good health. It's time to think less about getting all the nutrients you need while getting more. The Daily patch is the patch that goes where you go. You apply it in the morning and get a steady, consistent dose of all the micronutrients you need. With 30 patches fitting into small spaces, it's the vitamin that travels with you.

 4. Travel Smarter

You've packed your bags and organized your place before you leave, but have you thought about your health? Stick the Shield Patch on before you leave your house to get a study dose of natural vitamins that boost your immune system and leave you feeling revived after a day of travel.

 5. Zen on the go

There's not always time to meditate or go to a yoga class. It's hard to fit everything into your busy schedule, but there are new ways to welcome calming relaxation into your life. Peel and stick the Zen patch on your hip and go through your day relaxed. It's the type of Zen that goes with you.

 6. Clear out the clutter

 A cluttered environment correlates to a more cluttered mind. Clear out the clutter from your shelves and rooms, and make it easier by condensing your bottles of vitamins into sheets of patches. Need more space? No problem. Patch vitamins help you get all the nourishment you need without the added clutter.

7. Better sleep, better life (Snoozzze)

Are you struggling with falling asleep? Ever stay up late one night only to sleep 15 hours the next day? And you still felt groggy. It's not about how many hours you sleep. The idea is to be more consistent. Setting a bedtime that you stick to can help you feel more restored the following day. Check out our Snoozzze patch to aid in getting a restful night of sleep.

8. Be proactive about your health

Go to your annual check-ups—all of them. Taking vitamins and minerals proactively can also help you avoid getting stuck in a week-long head cold. Stock up on the vitamins that helps your body fight off winter sickness with our Shield patch. Formulated to boost the immune-strengthening vitamins and minerals, you are taking care of yourself and keeping illness away.

 9. Drink enough water

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Water is the fuel that keeps our bodies working. If we don't have enough, our bodies slowly start to run into problems. Track your daily consumption of water and start feeling better in no time.

10. Pick out a new vegetable from the store—one you typically don't buy—and figure out how to cook it

 Most people fall into a routine when it comes to the fear-invoking question, "What's for dinner?" It's easy to buy the meals that you know works, and sometimes we need to shake them up in the kitchen. Buying a new or different vegetable at the store—one you would not usually buy—encourages us to get creative in the kitchen while also introducing new vitamins and minerals to our lives.

 11. Read 10 minutes in the evening

Set aside 10-20 minutes in the evening to do something that you love, whether that is reading a best-selling novel or writing one. Give yourself space to do the things you enjoy. And maybe for you, that isn't reading. Perhaps it's something else. Whatever it is, make space for it.

12. Turn off the push notifications on your phone

Our phones are constantly reining us in. The endless pinging of our phones can make our minds feel chaotic. When we focus on one task but keep getting disrupted by messages that invoke different emotions, our brain and day suddenly feel much more chaotic. Silence your phone and turn off the notifications. This allows us to check our apps when we want to rather than allowing them to control us, and ultimately our days.

13. Order less takeout

It's fast; it's easy. It works on those busy days, but try to cut out takeout once each week. The more natural foods you're eating, the better our bodies can operate. Pair healthy eating with the Daily patch, and you're bound to have some extra pep in your step.

14. Set one short term and long term goal

It's easy to get caught up in our day-to-day tasks—work, grocery shopping, walking the dog, doing laundry. And keeping our vision on what we want to have accomplished in the next week, month, year, decade can help us keep our sense of purpose, even when the little tasks we do each day feel monotonous.

15. Meditate with the Zen patch

Upgrade your relaxation sessions—whether that's meditation or yoga or both—by doing it with the Zen patch. Love the zenned out feeling after you take a yoga class? Imagine that feeling times two. The Zen patch gives your body a boatload of natural, soothing ingredients so your body can feel relaxed, even before your yoga class.

16. Ditch the jittery morning coffee

Coffee, in a lot of cases, keeps us going. It can also often make us jittery and, in some cases, super anxious. Swap your morning cup of coffee for the Boost patch and get the energizing boost you need without the feeling of jitters and anxiety.

 17. Learn something new

 Allowing ourselves to be curious and learn about the world around us opens up new possibilities for our lives. When we sink into a routine—reading the same books and watching the same shows—learning something new can help shake our lives up, giving us a new hobby and potentially unlocking a whole new community of people.

 18. Start a morning gratitude list

 Start each morning recalling everything and everyone you appreciate at this moment in your life. It's easy to forget what is working in our lives when we get caught up in the bad stuff.

19. Cook a new recipe

 Get yourself to the grocery store and get the ingredients for a new recipe. While we often eat the same foods every day, shaking up the routine allows us to consume different vitamins and minerals, and our bodies will thank us. If you can't seem to get in enough fruits and vegetables, the Daily patch has your back.

20. Spend a whole day alone

Silence your phone. Block your calendar. Make a day just for you to do all of your favorite things on your schedule. There's no waiting for someone else to be available or thinking about what someone else might want to do. This way is all about you and your favorite things. Take yourself out. 

21. Set personal limits for social media

Ah, the good ole social media. We hate it, and we love it. It can often make us feel emotions just from seeing other people's posts, and who knew feelings could be so addicting? Setting personal limits for social media use allows us to schedule when we let those emotions, sometimes negative ones, overtake us. It doesn't work so well when we are at work, and a negative emotion blocks us for the rest of the day and hampers our productivity. Schedule your time and set limits for how you use it.

22. Gift a loved one something for no reason

There doesn't have to be a reason for you to show appreciation for the people in your life. Appreciate them often and when they least expect it. This is your reminder that you never know when it will be too late.

 23. Dance

Just because. Move your body. Let it move however it wants. Do it alone or with people. Just get up and see how your body expresses itself. 

24. Schedule a weekly or monthly outing with a friend 

Recurring meetups with our friends is what keeps our communities alive. Humans are hardwired for connection. We need it. We want it. It's part of living well. Schedule friend time the same way you schedule your workouts and meals. You won't regret it.

25. Be a tourist in your city

But you've been everywhere? Really? Everywhere? Sometimes we get so caught up living in our city that we forget about the little wonders people come to appreciate. Get out and see a part of your city you have never seen before. Take a camera and be a tourist in your town.

26. Get essential with your health

Our bathroom cabinets are full of health elixirs—more than we can count on two hands. Cabinets and drawers stuffed with creams, goos, the magic secret fountain of youth in a bottle. It's time to get essential about your health. Buy more products that take care of your whole body. Your health solutions don't have to be piecemeal. You aren't bits and pieces. You are a whole person, and you deserve healthcare that supports the whole you. Check out our patches formulated with the entire person in mind.

Let this list allow you to sink into the life you've always dreamed of, one step at a time. It is not going to happen overnight. It is incremental, but if we add one more thing that we enjoy every day, suddenly, before we know it, our days are jam-packed with the things and people we love. That's when you know you are living your days the way you've always envisioned. 2023 is your year of good health. The New Year doesn't have to be full of new stress and new goals. It can simply be a fresh start, and all we have to commit to doing is just that, starting.

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